Charlotte Planning releases Town Plan Volume I

The Charlotte Planning Commission is pleased to announce the release of ‘Volume I’ of the 2015 Town Plan for public comment. The plan has been reformatted by moving the recommended policies and strategies to the front of the document (Volume 1) while retaining the important historical context of the town and supporting data in Volume 2. Volume 2 is still ‘under construction’ and will be finalized during the summer.

As Volume 1 contains the material that generally sparks discussion, the Charlotte Planning Commission wanted to present it to the public in a timely manner. They have been working on section drafts consistently throughout the winter and spring and appreciate the input received from those individuals that participated in their regularly scheduled work sessions.

The Commission is looking for thoughts and comments on this working draft, and hopes that Charlotters read the document and share their opinions. Commentary can be submitted via:

Email to

Postal service to Charlotte Planning & Zoning, Attn: Town Plan Comments, PO Box 119, Charlotte, VT 05445

Hand delivery to Charlotte Planning & Zoning at 159 Ferry Road (Town Hall).

When submitting comments please reference a chapter and line if applicable or identify the comment as ‘general.’

The Planning Commission will be holding focus workshops mid-July through early September and will advertise exact dates and times shortly. In early September, the Commission will review all comments and provide a responsiveness summary as to how each were considered. It is the Commission’s hope to hold a formal public hearing on this plan on Sept. 18, 2014.

Thank you in advance for your participation!