Selectboard considers items during afternoon meeting

By Gail Callahan

During a 90-minute meeting last Thursday, the Charlotte Selectboard discussed items aimed at strengthening parts of municipal government.

According to town records the discussion centered on allowing Chair Lane Morrison to sign the Vermont Department of Public Safety Traffic Control/Enforcement Services contract, discussion on a “functioning” Selectboard, and wage classification plan and policy.

The top item on the agenda won approval quickly, paving the way for Morrison to sign the Enforcement Services contract.

Then, Morrison started a discussion on a “functioning” Selectboard. During the session, three points of concern arose: the lack of board review before written statements are submitted for publication; longtime members mentoring new Board members; and the creation of a more respectful and inclusive work environment.

The final item discussed was wage classification and policies. Adjustments were made to several town positions, including the Zoning Administrator and Director of Recreation, and the brief talk made mention of when to release wage classification documents and information to employees for evaluation.

The Board plans on holding a special meeting to discuss wage classification and policy on July 10.