Maker Faire adds robot competition

July-4-A-Robot-Challenge-SC-copyThe organizers of the Champlain Mini Maker Faire have created the ChampBot Challenge, a new competitive event at this year’s Faire, slated for Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 4-5 at Shelburne Farms Coach Barn.

The ChampBot Challenge aims to provide interested community members an opportunity to show off technical skills and creativity by building a remote controlled robot to navigate a series of buoys and obstacles. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their technical knowledge of robotics as well as their aesthetic design skills.

The organizers view this as a team endeavor, but individuals are encouraged to sign up as well.

“The ChampBot Challenge is something completely new that we’re really excited about – who’s never dreamed of building their own robot that can swim and ignite a target? It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re encouraging both groups and individuals to give it a try,” says Executive Event Producer Doug Webster.

Points will be awarded for design and efficacy in completion of the course and obstacles. The bot with the highest total score will be awarded first place and the sum of $2,500. Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place, and a $500 reimbursement is available for materials.

To register to compete and for more information including a summary of the obstacle course, scoring system and prizes, visit