Stiller Family Foundation makes $1M gift to Champlain College Single Parents Program

The $1M Stiller Gift was announced at the Board of Trustees Dinner celebrating President David Finney’s Retirement.
The $1M Stiller Gift was announced at the Board of Trustees Dinner celebrating President David Finney’s Retirement.

The Champlain College Single Parents Program has received a $1 million gift from Bob and Christine Stiller through the Stiller Family Foundation to specifically offset childcare costs for single parent students.
The gift to Champlain was announced at the Board of Trustees Dinner honoring retiring President David F. Finney. The gift will be made to the College over the next four years. Incoming President Donald J. Laackman said, “this gift from the Stiller’s is a wonderful honor for Dave Finney and yet another demonstration of the generosity of the Stiller family to our students and the College.”
Champlain’s Single Parents Program is one of the College’s longest-standing programs, and “it is only one of 11 such programs across the country,” said Carol Moran-Brown, “offering single parents a support system covering students academically, financially, and personally.”
“The Champlain College Single Parents Program has changed many lives, and with continued support with gifts like this from the Stiller Family Foundation, it will do so for many years to come,” Moran-Brown added.
The program is designed to help single parents attend school full-time and pursue a career-focused education. Its case management support services range from meeting daily needs to dealing with unforeseen emergencies.
The Stiller Family Foundation has also made a commitment to provide matching funds to buy computers for single parent students. It has been estimated that a computer and necessary software would cost approximately $725. For every donation of $725 by June 30, the Stiller Family Foundation promised to match it to provide an additional computer for this special population of students.
Following the announcement, commitments from those attending the dinner put the program at its goal of providing computers for all the Single Parents Program participants. “This will really help many of our students to be able to work from home and avoid having to pay for childcare to come to campus to complete homework assignments on the College’s computers in labs and the library,” Moran-Brown said.
Support for the program is far-reaching, which was demonstrated when last fall’s Women Supporting Women in Education benefit event raised $236,000 for need-based scholarship and the “Save the Day” emergency fund from 150 donors whose gifts were matched by a $100,000 challenge gift by Donna and Remo Pizzagalli.
The College also holds an on-campus holiday party for families, complete with Santa delivering presents for the children sponsored by a department or individual at Champlain College. Luncheons are held monthly to offer support and comradeship.