Local educator selected as a facilitator for NEA GPS Network

Aug-2-E-NEA-Bouteiller-CKelly Bouteiller, a teacher at Charlotte Central School, was recently selected as a facilitator for the National Education Association (NEA) Great Public Schools (GPS) Network.  The GPS Network is an online community where teachers, parents, education support professionals, and other community stakeholders can share ideas and resources aimed at improving student success.
Currently, the Network consists of more than 120 groups, managed by facilitators like Bouteiller, that participants can join to address common interests in specific topics and issues that impact educator and student success. Topics are diverse, ranging from bullying to state learning standards, from teacher evaluation to teaching English language learners.
Over 1,000 individuals applied to be the inaugural leaders of this new online network. Ms. Bouteiller and 60 others were selected for their knowledge and understanding of their topic; their ability to facilitate a national discussion presenting a range of differing viewpoints; their technology skills, necessary for facilitating an online community; and, above all, their commitment to helping fellow educators improve their skills to foster student success.
“It is an honor and a high responsibility to be selected for this position,” said Becky Pringle, NEA’s newly-elected vice-president. “This is an important role that helps NEA change the way we operate, connecting the entire country in a professional online community that will focus on student success. We will make a difference for students and educators in their professional roles.”
A first and second grade teacher, Bouteiller is a member of Vermont-NEA and the NEA. She has this to say about student success and the importance of providing teachers with ongoing opportunities to hone their professional skills:
“I feel grateful every day for the opportunity to build relationships with my students and their families, and for the collegiality and spirit of collaboration I experience both in my district and with teachers across the state. I look forward to the opportunity of extending this collaboration with professionals nationwide through my work with the NEA GPS Network.”
The NEA GPS Network was created to bring together people who want to collaborate on education, and student-centered issues and topics. It is open to participation to anyone interested in improving schools and promoting student success. Basic components include collaboration tools, virtual events on topics of high interest, and a resource bank of lesson plans and professional learning topics. Bouteiller’s group, on applying Common Core to 1st grade English language arts, can be located at NEA GPS Network Common Core ELA 1st Grade. Please join her in discussing and sharing resources on this topic.
The National Education Association is the nation’s largest professional union, representing nearly 3 million elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty, education support professionals, school administrators, retired educators, and students preparing to become teachers.