Board spends long evening reviewing proposals

By Gail Callahan
Hinesburg Center, LLC:
Developers returned to the Board, presenting additional information. Builder Chris Snyder is seeking site plan/subdivision approval to combine three lots into one.
At the same time, Snyder asked the Board to re-think a decision regarding the placement of sidewalks on Farmall Drive and an escrow agreement concerning a pocket park with a completion deadline of June 30, 2015.
Before launching into the presentation, the Board learned about sidewalks in front of two Farmall Drive locations.
New design details include a building, open to the public, slated for commercial and residential use on different floors.
Snyder was peppered with questions form Board members about building dimensions. Different doors will grant visitors to the building access into the commercial and residential portions.
Snyder also faced additional questions from the Board about building occupancy. The first floor, dedicated for commercial use, is vacant. The Board also asked about parking at the site. Hinesburg Director of Zoning and Planning Alex Weinhagen informed the DRB 64 on-street, 34 off-street spaces are available. Weinhagen pointed out complaints stem from difficulty finding a parking spot near the use a customer wants to access. Other concerns include problems with backing up and turning and general “insufficient” use, according to Weinhagen.
Snyder and his partner pointed out the parking design matches what the Town Plan and the DRB stipulated.
Other discussion matters included landscaping plans, snow shedding, building materials, and erosion at the site. The Board then listened to comments from residents.
Doug Harper, who is part-owner of Bristol Bakery, mentioned lighting and security concerns in the parking lot rear area. He also noted that a parking problem at the site already exists.
Andrea Morganite also echoed Harper’s concerns about parking. She also raised landscaping surrounding an area, while Creekside neighborhood resident Dan Jacobs noted concerns about storm water gutters on Farmall Drive.
After hearing comments, the Board voted to continue the public hearing on Sept. 16.
Green Street, LLC:
The Board listened to subdivision revision/final plat discussions for Green Street. The subdivision is comprised of housing units.
Revised plans include a proposed sidewalk with a 2-foot green belt, a wood rail with posts, easing safety concerns for pedestrian safety.
With apparent board approval regarding those issues, parking plans with 43 proposed spots were presented. Suggestions from the DRB and town officials included an option for on-street parking along Green Street and using a graveled area that could accommodate some additional parking, according to Weinhagen.
No additional changes to landscaping at the site is planned. Trees in several areas are planned and a utility pad will be screened. Other suggestions form town officials include installation of sprinklers in multi-family dwellings.
The Board continued further discussion about the proposal, along with the Blackrock decision in Deliberative Session.
Earlier in the evening, the Board approved plans submitted by Dean and Pat LaForce for a land transfer to an adjoining neighbor.
The panel also gave the go ahead for the Degraff application: a conditional use permit/expansion of a non-complying structure.
Located on West Shore Road, the property sits in the Shoreline Zoning District.