Hinesburg Selectboard holds first public water bond meeting Oct. 6: Development Review Board positions filled

by Margery Sharp
Forty community members attended Monday’s meeting to hear Selectboard Chair Jon Trefry open the first of three public informational meetings describing the proposed water supply and treatment bond of 1.5 million, which will be voted on Nov. 4. Current and future connected users will pay the project’s total cost, which will have no impact on property taxes.
If the bond vote passes, two new adjacent wells on Shelburne Falls Road will add to the town water supply and construction will begin on a treatment facility at that site. The treatment building will contain water softening and iron and manganese removal equipment.
The two wells’ combined output is 200 gallons per minute (gmp) and possibly 240 gpm, according to Joe Duncan of Aldrich and Elliot Engineers of Essex Junction. He added, “You [the town] are playing catchup to the present water demand of 190 gpm while your current wells produce only 120 gpm. The 240 gpm will allow for growth.” He warned that costs will only increase if action is delayed.
The search for new wells began after the state issued a Notice of Violation when the town’s current water output was deemed insufficient.
The next two public information sessions will be Oct. 20 and Nov. 3, each at 7pm, and the bond vote will be held Nov. 4 by Australian Ballot.
Development Bd. appointees
The board interviewed three candidates for two openings (one for an alternate, one for a member) on the Development Review Board (DRB). They were: Andrea Bayer, John Lyman, and Kevin Cheney. Bayer currently serves as an alternate member and she was appointed to the board position. The other two candidates were assigned to alternate positions. All three terms will run to Feb. 1, 2016.
Retiring DRB member, Bill Moller, was thanked for his work between Nov. 2011 and Aug. 2014 and given a nameplate and a plaque to commemorate his contribution. Moller also appeared on behalf of the Creekside Community Association to ask to close sections of Farmall Drive and Fredric Way to insure safety to children attending a Halloween party on Oct. 31 from 6 to 8pm. The motion was approved.
Other business
Discussion continued on proposed changes made to the town zoning regulations to energy efficiency standards. The current interim regulations end mid-December. State law mandates permanent regulations must be in place by then. The board will discuss two options on Oct. 20: either adopt the Energy Efficient Code or adopt the state regulations.
The Selectboard decided to spend no more than $1,200 to winterize the former police station and put it up for sale.
Board members adopted the town Local Emergency Operations Plan. This makes the town eligible for higher reimbursement levels in emergency funding situations.