Races, roads and roofs occupy Charlotte Selectboard

by Robin Reid
The meeting held on Oct. 6 eliminates the meeting previously scheduled for Oct. 13.
Rayne Herzog presented the schedule of events for Racevermont.com, noting that the July 5 event is rescheduled for June 28 and there are further races scheduled for Aug. 16 and Sept. 12.
Recreation Commission Chair Bill Fraser-Harris said the commission has drafted a proposed town facilities (including roads) fee schedule for Selectboard review. It was suggested that perhaps RaceVermont.com could pay a percentage of the registration fee in the future. Member Charles Russell raised a concern regarding orange markings on the road that appear to be permanent. Herzog agreed to use white in the future and explore options that are designed to wash away. The race dates were approved.
Town Hall and buildings
The Selectboard approved payment of travel and accommodation expenses for Assistant Town Clerk, Sharron Balaban. Town Clerk Mead had planned a vacation prior to Balaban’s decision to move to California. Balaban agreed to return to work in the interim. The money will come from the Town Clerk’s budget and be approved based on appropriate invoices that cover transportation and expenses for 10 days (Oct.1-11).
The Patterson Fuels (heating) and Climate Systems, Inc. (air conditioning) preventative maintenance agreements for Town Hall, Library and Senior Center were approved for an additional year. The cost is the same.
A library roof contract has been prepared with a $2,500 deposit for a spring 2015 start. Selectboard member Fritz Tegatz requested additional language to state that the builders will provide an airtight and waterproof roof to prevent additional costs from cropping up. Further discussion anticipated maintenance needs for the Library. The application was continued to the meeting on Oct. 27.
Grand List Errors and Omissions
Lister Betsi Oliver presented two items for Selectboard approval in order to make changes to the Grand List for this year–a converted barn on Vineyard View and a seasonal home construction on Lane’s Lane. The Selectboard approved the changes as presented.
Cameras, Flashing Speed Cart and Other Business
Vandalism at the Town Beach has prompted consideration to purchase surveillance camera(s) for the area. The Recreation Commission would assume responsibility for placement and monitoring of the camera(s) if the Selectboard decides on the acquisition.
Member Matt Krasnow presented additional shipping costs for the speed sign and cart that exceed the previously approved $7,500 by $700. Resident Stephen Brooks advised Krasnow to inquire whether the company would meet the board-approved amount. The Selectboard directed Krasnow to investigate competitive options for this item.
Tegatz provided bridge updates. Spear St. Bridge construction is on hold. The Carpenter Road Bridge will include deck work and a better approach and is recommended to have new signage. Proposed 2016 work for the Seguin/Rule Bridge will raise the weight limit.
Tegatz also suggested that his review of management structures for various Fire and Rescue Services revealed enough information that a consultant may be warranted to handle the subject. He intends to meet with CVFRS Corporate President John Snow and other possible consultants in the near future.
As a last measure of this public meeting, the board voted to go into Executive Session regarding the appeal by Clark Hinsdale III. No action was taken.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Oct. 27 at 6 pm.