Charlotte Selectboard cruises through long agenda

By Robin Reid
The Oct. 20 Charlotte Selectboard meeting was moderated by Charles Russell due to Chair Morrison’s sore throat.
The Selectboard appointed Champlain Valley Union junior Laurel Jaunich to a one-year term on the Energy Committee. She has been actively involved in the Environmental Committee at CVU since freshman year.
Derk Berquist was appointed to the Conservation Commission for a four-year term ending in April 2018. He will fill former Commissioner Gary Pittman’s slot. Berquist has previous experience in marine ecologies.
Matt Zucker’s appointment to the Zoning Board of Adjustment will fill the vacancy left by Ben Pualwan. Zucker has lived in Charlotte for about a year. He will assume a three-year term ending in April 2017.
Joe Gallagher was officially appointed as the 2015 Green-Up Day Coordinator.
Roadway studies and signs
The Selectboard approved a $2,316 expenditure as the 20 percent local match for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) “Ferry Road Pedestrian Path and Stormwater Management Study.” Briefly discussed were the recently failed sidewalk proposal and connections to the park and ride study currently underway. No specific plan was given to address water run off issues affecting properties on the south side of Ferry Road. The study will include a public hearing to be announced at a future date.
New signage, not to exceed $1,500, indicating the difficulty posed for tractor-trailers crossing the Carpenter Road Bridge will be placed at the Spear and Dorset Street intersections and at the bridge.
A three-residence roadway on the west side of Spear Street just north of the Quinlan Bridge was officially named Quinlan Farm Lane.
In other business, the Board:
• Authorized Lincoln Applied Geology to evaluate the integrity of groundcover and earth at the former landfill on Plouffe Lane at a cost not to exceed $6,200. Chair Morrison will sign the contract.
• Approved a $200 deposit reserving the Old Lantern for a Dec. 20 Town Volunteer Holiday Party.
• Authorized a Thompson’s Point shoreline stabilization project on Flat Rock Road at the Garner & Bayer residence. The project must be registered but no permit is required. Since the camp sits on town-owned land, Selectboard approval is required before construction occurs.
• Reimbursed the cost of plane tickets for former Assistant Town Clerk Sharron Balaban. Reimbursement for lodging and expenses will require receipts that were not presented. Balaban returned to Vermont from her new home in California to assist with the transition of recently hired Assistant Town Clerk Christina Booher, as Town Clerk Mead was away on a long-planned for vacation.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, Town Hall payroll will occur on a two-week basis. It was unclear whether new time sheets will be implemented.
The next CVFRS meeting will be held next Tuesday, Oct. 28. Members of the Selectboard have had discussions with other Vermont town rescue services. They are interested in learning how other towns handle rescue services.
Town Administrator Dean Bloch noted that the Local Emergency Operations Plan has new requirements and a gap in FEMA coverage may occur if the new plan is not approved. The Selectboard approved submission of the plan and will formally approve it at the next regular meeting on Oct. 27 at 7pm.