Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Mike Yantachka
Our friend Mike Yantachka, is running as a Democrat for re-election for State Representative from Charlotte. He deserves your support.
Mike has been on the Natural Resources and Energy Committee in the Legislature.
He has been a leader on environmental issues, background checks on the sale of guns, and high quality public education. These difficult issues are going to be prominent in the upcoming legislative session.
Mike took an important leadership role with legislation to restrict the sale of gold and silver to businesses by requiring better records of purchases. This is important because stolen goods are often taken to these outlets for cash sale.
Mike is hard working, open minded, and quick to respond to constituent needs.
Please join us in re-electing Mike Yantachka to the Vermont House.
Susan Krasnow and Edward Cafferty, Charlotte
Support State Senator Michael Sirotkin
I had the honor of representing Charlotte/Shelburne in the House of Representatives a while back. Today, it is my pleasure to ask you to vote for Senator Michael Sirotkin in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.  Governor Shumlin appointed Michael to the Vermont Senate last winter after his wife, Senator Sally Fox, lost her battle with cancer. We are fortunate Michael is now a candidate in his own right. His negotiating skills, reasoned approach to complicated issues, and commitment to service for the common good will serve us very well. I have seen Michael in action over the past 30 years as an effective and respected advocate in the Legislature for public interest consumer groups. The social, economic, and environmental challenges we face in Vermont require thoughtful, knowledgeable, and ethical leaders. Michael is someone we can count on to do his very best to represent the people of Chittenden County in the Vermont Senate. Please give him your support. Thank you.
Gretchen Morse, Charlotte
More questions about gas line
“…only in Wonderland can a finite fuel be called sustainable.” This is the Wonderland that Lewis Carroll wrote about in “Alice in Wonderland” and that Rebecca Foster highlighted in the Oct. 9 “Carpe Greenum” column. This article is a well-written, insightful journey to the heart of the seemingly unfettered forward motion of the Vermont fracked pollution gas line on its way to the New York paper manufacturing plant.
I look forward to reading the next “Carpe Greenum” installment on this important issue with special attention being given to the rationale coming from the Public Service Board and Department of Public Service on moving this project forward no matter what cost it incurs.
Will the selling point of inexpensive fracked polluting gas evaporate with the revised substantial increased costs of constructing this gas line?
I also hope to read revelations on how property owners will fare on their expected compensation for accepting the construction of the gas line through their property. Will the property owners be the sole source of reducing construction costs whereby the corporation dictates a rock bottom compensation for the rights-of-way for this project?
Karl Novak, Hinesburg