Letters to the Editor

In support of Sirotkin
Michael Sirotkin is running for re-election to the Vermont State Senate. Michael is the husband of the late Sally Fox and accepted the appointment to her seat after her untimely death last year.
Michael is committed to helping Vermonters. As a lawyer and a lobbyist, he spent much of his career working on behalf of families, consumers and seniors. As a State Senator, he takes this responsibility to help others to a new level, and clearly his decision to run again for the Senate reflects that pledge.
Please vote for Michael Sirotkin representing Chittenden County on Nov. 4.
Meg Smith, Charlotte
Sirotkin for Vermont Senate
I have had the privilege of knowing Michael Sirotkin and his late wife, Senator Sally Fox, since 1976, both professionally and personally. Michael, like Sally, has been a steadfast fighter for those frequently without voices in Vermont policy making, such as seniors, children, and those with special needs. He has also worked to protect consumer rights and civil liberties throughout his legal and governmental affairs career. I am proud to be voting to return Senator Michael Sirotkin to the Vermont Senate for Chittenden County and I urge my fellow Hinesburg residents to join me in doing so.
Roger E. Kohn, Hinesburg
Sirotkin for Senate
Michael Sirotkin started his legal career in Vermont working on legal issues impacting senior citizens.  That was in the mid-1970s.  Today, he continues that work in the Vermont senate.  Michael supports minimum nursing home staffing laws, advance directive laws, pharmacy assistance programs to help low-income elders, minimum standards for long-term-care insurance policies, and prohibition against balance billing (overcharging) Medicare patients.
Michael Sirotkin also brings to the Vermont senate a concern for many other issues facing Vermont today. He finds the growing national and state disparities in personal wealth and income troubling. Michael has worked hard on economic justice issues for years. His efforts have also included work on housing, conservation, and environmental protection issues. Let us give him the opportunity to continue his work in Montpelier.
Please join me in voting to elect Michael Sirotkin to the Vermont senate on Nov. 4.
Gill Coates, Hinesburg