Hinesburg DRB talks signs, subdivisions and plat review

By Gail Callahan

It was smooth sailing for five applications reviewed last Tuesday by the Hinesburg Development Review Board (DRB). The 70 minute meeting consisted of plat, subdivision, sketch plan, and sign reviews for an array of applications. The evening’s first hearing centered on changes to the Limoge subdivision based on a discussion at an Oct. 21 DRB session. The DRB approved the application with the requisite changes after project surveyor Terry Harris’s presentation.

Harris addressed revisions made to the building envelope to an area known as lot two. A building envelope is the physical separation between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of the building, including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer.

Located on Texas Hill Road, Harris told the DRB that the existing equipment and storage building on the parcel will continue to remain outside the building envelope. Harris said he and Hinesburg Zoning Administrator Peter Erb worked on a number of building envelope options, but fell short of a concrete solution.

Weis/Subdivision Plat Revision

A proposed subdivision plat revision for a Raven Hill Road project by applicant Andy Weis was eventually approved by the DRB after a request for a revision to the building envelope and a change in the plan’s septic system easement area was discussed.

The project’s final survey hasn’t been recorded with the Hinesburg Town Clerk, because of the finalizing the subdivision due to a change in that area. The change became necessary during the state waste-water permit process.

Under the state review process, the size of the septic lot easement for lot two had to be increased slightly, to help lot one.

Those changes altered the size and shape of lot two’s building envelope. Those changes prompted Weis to retain the option for construction in the building envelope’s northeast section. Weis’ intention is add a shed in the parcel’s northeast corner.

Hinesburg’s subdivision regulations allow for changes to approve subdivision plats before formal recording with the Town Clerk.

Galiga/Janda/Two-lot subdivision

The plan to build a two-lot subdivision for residents Philip Galiga and Ann Janda moved a step closer as the DRB approved a sketch plan for the project on Lomeadow Road. Prior to the hearing, DRB member Ted Bloomhardt stepped away from the table, citing a personal relationship with the couple.
The 10-acre parcel is located on a private road, on the north side of Richmond Road. Right now, the couple’s home is on Lomeadow Road, a 560-foot private road running through the property. Four different properties use the roadway.

The Temple and Reinhardt properties use about 30 feet, while the Janda/Galiga and Ayers’ lands utilize the entire road. Initially, concerns about road drainage with impacts on Richmond Road,and the width of Lomeadow Road and its ability to serve the subdivision were discussed. The DRB urged Galiga to talk with Hinesburg’s Road Foreman about drainage before moving forward with final subdivision review.

During the review, Kris Reinhardt, an abutting landowner, asked if any additional subdivisions could take place on the two-lot parcel. Board member Greg Waples informed Reinhardt there is room for additional construction, based on the town’s zoning allowances.

Family Cow Farmstand/Taproot Farm

Family Cow Farmstand owner Kalyn Campbell appeared before the DRB and received approval for a sign for the Shelburne Falls Road agricultural business. Campbell’s company is located on a 240-acre site, owned by the Taproot Morgan Horse Farm that is also home to Red Wagon Plants.

The sign for which Campbell sought approval has been on display for “some time” without a permit. Hinesburg’s regulations permit farm stand or roadside signs to be on display seasonally. Campbell’s business is open year-round.

Balchiunas/two-lot subdivision

The Board granted a request for an additional six-month extension for a sketch plan review for the project on Butternut Lane.