Letters to the Editor

Support Let’s Grow Kids
I am writing in support of the Let’s Grow Kids campaign which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of quality early childhood experiences for all Vermont kids. In my work, I see how important it is for families to be connected through social and educational opportunities. Families who feel supported and connected to the community are better able to respond to the challenges of parenting and know where to go when they need help.
In Vermont, 72 percent of children under the age of 6 have all parents in the workforce, which often translates into 40 hours a week of care outside the home for our youngest children. If we want all Vermont children to succeed, we need to invest in more programs that provide support to parents in the workforce and support for quality childcare.
If you agree that we all want a Vermont where all kids can grow to reach their full potential, please join me in signing the Let’s Grow Kids pledge at letsgrowkids.org.
Rachel Kring, Coordinator, Friends of Families, Hinesburg