Hinesburg Selectboard approves water testing agreement

by Margery Sharp

Rocky Martin, Hinesburg’s Director of Buildings and Facilities, described a proposed agreement between the town and Triple L Mobile Home Park (owned by Shipsevin LLC) drawn up to allow the town to continue sampling and testing the water supply for Mountain View and Sunset Lake Villa as it (the town) has done before.

This proposal exempts the Triple L owners from the testing process and allows Hinesburg to continue to assume those responsibilities. The proposal was approved.

Water use

Martin presented a first draft document describing proposed changes in Hinesburg’s water supply use ordinance. The changes included editing, formatting, and spacing.

When the final draft is approved the town must publish a summary of those changes in a newspaper and post the changes in five places around Hinesburg. The final document will take effect 60 days after approval.

Lake Iroquois report

Association President Pat Suozzi reported on activities for the Lake Iroquois Association. She said the association’s mission is twofold: to monitor runoff into the lake and stem the growth of milfoil. Vigilant overseeing of these two problems includes constant maintenance by association members, interested volunteers, and a constant patrol presence.

This past year, the group built a rain garden, encouraged homeowners to plant vegetation along the shore (blueberry bushes proved excellent) to slow erosion, oversaw culvert replacement, asked homeowners to stop clear cutting and not to mow property down to shoreline and informed the town a west shore catch basin needs cleaning. “We monitor the ten tributaries entering the lake,” she added.

“The milfoil has been attacked by divers and our hand pulling but that is not enough,” said Suozzi. “We have four greeters stationed at the fishing/boating access to check milfoil infestations. Town monies, grants and donations make up our $15,000 budget. We publish a lake shore homeowners’ manual and have put out a survey to get information and recommendations.”

Conservation Commission

Alison Lesure reported the conservation commissioners’ work with Geprags Park, Audubon, Story Walk and Green Up Day. The commission is asking the town for $5,000 to fund the Lake Iroquois Association work.

Commissioner Bill Marks expressed concern the impact the proposed Vt. Gas pipeline route through Hinesburg will have, especially through Geprags Park, which “…already has significant use by the public.”

The commission needs more members, Lesure concluded.

Committee appointments

Kevin Hans and Julie Gruenholz were appointed to fill two three year terms on the Town Forest Committee which will begin Dec. 1, 2014 and end January 1, 2018.

Hans, an auto industry consultant, is an outdoor enthusiast. He said he liked the town plan wordage which suggests need for balance between recreation and conservation in the town forest.

Gruenholz, an engineer, has spent many hours in the town forest and described it as a “beautiful asset.” An avid hiker, she suggested more children should be involved in knowing the forest.