Firm recommends Hinesburg use nanofiltration system to treat new water supply

by Margery Sharp

At Monday’s Hinesburg Selectboard meeting Aldrich and Eliott Water Source Engineer Joe Duncan described the planned work on Hinesburg’s new water supply system, which the town residents passed by bond vote in November. The new water source comes from two wells located in the fields south of Shelburne Falls Road. It was suggested the $403,606.64 in funds received from a MTBE class action suit also be used to help fund the equipment and treatment project.

Duncan noted that municipal water supply systems often use a salt treatment process to purify the water supply. However, he suggested an alternative treatment for Hinesburg’s two new wells known as “nanofiltration.”

The system uses a 20-foot long membrane which filters the water by osmosis before it is sent out to users. It would also include a sediment filter placed in front of the nanosystem filter. His company recommends use of this system because salt is costly and must be stored and the system’s water pressure is less. Asked how often the filter must be changed, he said every six to seven years. Duncan did concede the resultant cost of electricity would be more, but would be offset by not using the costlier salt product.

The manufacture and vendor of this nanofiltration system is in nearby St. George by a company known as “ISI.” Duncan suggested the proximity of this system’s vendor is an added plus.

Duncan said the design work on the building will begin in January. Also, “We will try and get something built next summer. We want to get a bid out for the erection of the building-possibly in early spring.” Plans are in the works to send out a mailer to explain the process to Hinesburg residents.

Other business

The board voted to accept the irrevocable offer and easement deed for the planned Bissonette Family (recreation) Fields located southwest of Shelburne Falls Road.

The board further accepted and approved the $2,100 bid on the Ford Ranger made by Cheryl DeVos of Kimball Brook Farm. The vehicle was formerly used by the town water/wastewater department,

The selectmen also approved the motion to include the following roads as Class 3 roads: Mulberry Lane, Thistle Hill, and Thorn Bush.