Soul warming jewelry

D-4-B-Matthew-Taylor-CGive a gift that will warm your soul with Love Light Compassion Foundation Jewelry. These beautiful sparkly bracelets and exquisite little Buddha pendants aren’t just Buddhaful gifts—100 percent of the proceeds are providing emergency financial assistance to area patients and their families, bringing them comfort, peace, love, and light.

Love Light Compassion Foundation Jewelry is available at Matthew Taylor Designs on Harbor Road in Shelburne, the jewelry is lovingly handmade. Lily Canfield creates the Love Light Compassion Foundation Single Strand Bracelets and Eightfold Path Wrap Bracelets. Matthew Taylor is the master artisan who designed the Buddha Buddies necklaces. For more information, visit or stop by Matthew Taylor Designs.

The Love Light Compassion Foundation was formed to address the needs of individuals and their families who are financially adversely affected by a medical diagnosis. The foundation’s goal is to assist those who need emergency financial assistance during a time when they may not be able to earn income or are burdened with additional costs due to their health condition. The foundation raises money through donations and the sale of compassion-based jewelry. Needs are identified through referrals from providers and health care professionals at area health care institutions.