Enriching the lives, bodies, and minds of preschoolers

Children exploring Makey Makey circuit boards which turn everyday items, like fruit, into a computer’s keys or mouse clicks.
Children exploring Makey Makey circuit boards which turn everyday items, like fruit, into a computer’s keys or mouse clicks.

By Victoria Ward, Director of Business and New Programs, Annette’s Preschool

“Children of all ages step right up…be amazed, enchanted and amused.” This is the sentiment behind enrichment programs in early childhood education. They encourage preschoolers to step out of their comfort zone, learn a variety of new skills, and engage in some of the wonders of the world. These programs, when done effectively, provide interactive, in-depth exploration of a vast array of topics and subject areas. Annette’s Preschool focuses their enrichment programs on the passions of their teachers and the interests of the children, and this combination takes them down many unexpected paths.

This winter Annette’s has two new enrichment programs. The first, Petite Carnivale, is a class focused around circus arts. The children test their balance on beams, wriggle their bodies through “hoops of fire” and tumble across mats; not only having a blast, but honing new gross motor development. They are also learning to juggle, which promotes eye hand coordination and fine motor skills. Most of all, however, they are becoming confident, engaged participants of the world around them. When one preschooler was asked why he enjoyed Petite Carnivale, he responded “because it makes my body think really hard!” The art of performance is not for the faint of heart and these children are bubbling with pride and excitement about the finale: a circus spectacular!

The second enrichment program Annette’s is offering is Petite Einstein, a science, technology, and math class. Over the course of eight weeks children participate in all sorts of experiments related to different topics such as air, water, and food. They have made concoctions explode, planes take flight, and oranges control computers! One parent noted that “after enrolling my child in Petite Einstein, I find he is constantly asking me how things work and then trying to figure it out himself!” Science offers children the opportunity to follow multiple step directions, get their hands dirty and fill their minds with a new understanding of the world around them.

Whether your child attends Annette’s Preschool, another center, or is at home with you, enrichment programs offer diverse, focused learning experiences that will help them grow into a curious and confident adolescent. Annette’s Preschool’s enrichment programs are open to the public and they will be enrolling the spring classes soon, so come one, come all, and encourage the growth of your child through enrichment programs!

Contact Victoria Ward at (802) 482-2525 or victoria@annettespreschool.com to sign up.