Get ready for Charlotte’s Green Up Day

A-2-T-Green-Up-Day-3-C-copyBy Joe Gallagher, Charlotte’s Green Up Day Coordinator

It’s that time of year again, when the brown begins to turn to green, the temperatures begin to climb, trees begin to bud and spring flowers poke through the ground. And this year, we’ve earned it! All these wonderful occurrences also mean it’s time to clean up our roads.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to join in the past, mark your calendars for the 45th anniversary of Vermont’s Green Up Day tradition on Saturday, May 2. This important event keeps our beautiful landscapes and waterways safer, cleaner, and more beautiful, not to mention it’s a lot of fun.

Not much has changed from past years; it’s easy to participate. Listed below are various ways you can sign up for the event, different projects around town that need your help, and details on a benefit compost sale. You can also prepare by picking up Green Up Day trash bags two weeks in advance of the event at Spears Corner Store, the Old Brick Store, and Town Hall. You can also pick up your bags on Green Up Day at the Quonset Hut at the Charlotte Central School (CCS).

Electronic Sign Up: In order to ‘sign-up’ electronically for a particular road or stretch of road, a Green Up Day Page off of the Charlotte Town website has been created. Simply visit and click on the Green Up Day link at the top right. This will bring you to a screen where you can view what roads are still available for clean up, and which have been “taken.” You can then provide a couple of pieces of contact information and indicate what road or portion of road you would like to clean. Hit ‘submit’ and you will see the road you have selected turn from ‘available’ to ‘taken.’

Sign up on Green Up Day at the Quonset Hut at CCS: Unable to sign up electronically? Don’t fret, there are always plenty of roads left over to clean up, so just swing by, pick up your bag, sign up for a road, and head on out.
Electronic Waste Recycling at the CCS Quonset Hut: Transition Town Charlotte member Ruah Swennerfelt is again heading up an E-waste recycling project on Green Up Day at the Quonset Hut at CCS. Bring your old computers, anything that plugs into a computer, and anything with a screen, either flat or glass cathode ray tube (CRT), phones, TV’s, VCR’s, and small kitchen appliances such as microwaves.

The Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge needs some clean up on Green Up Day, as well. Volunteers will meet at the Town Hall on Saturday at 9:30am and enjoy a picnic in the park after a couple of hours of clean up.
Charlotte Library will host a seed library again this year. Interested gardeners are encouraged to stop by for some seeds to plant this spring.

Compost Sale: CCS is hosting its fourth annual bulk Compost Sale on Saturday, May 2 in the CCS west Quonset parking lot from 9am to noon. Local producer Champlain Valley Compost Co. is generously donating the compost with proceeds benefitting the CCS Green Team compost shed and school gardens. Community members are encouraged to order and pay for the amount of compost you need by Thursday, April 30. See page 6 for more details.

Stay tuned for additional information about this year’s Green Up Day in future editions of your local paper, and on Front Porch Forum. If you have been participating for years, please volunteer again. If you’re new to Green Up Day, come on out and enjoy the day. It’s a great event and will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Contact Joe Gallagher with questions or ideas to improve Charlotte’s Green Up Day at (802) 734-2854 or by email