Compost sale appreciation

Excellent sale this year! Huge thanks go to Steven Wisbaum from Champlain Valley Compost Co., who supplied 10 cubic yards of his Charlotte “black gold,” and to all of the people who supported Charlotte Central School and their gardens by purchasing the compost.

Even with a greater quantity of compost for sale, we had to turn away drop-in customers. We apologize, next year it will be first come, first served.

Thanks go to hardworking shovelers Alicia Kroll and her son Zane, Deirdre Holmes, Kit Perkins, Maureen Delaney, and Alice Trageser.

Sixth graders Stella, Sophia, Elyse, and Courtney gave expert tours of the school compost shed, explaining how they “farm” the microorganisms that decompose school lunch food scraps into rich humus. That compost is used in the school kitchen gardens.

Enjoy spring and gardening everyone!

Abby Foulk, Charlotte