The Citizen prints in Vermont

Wind Ridge Publishing finally did it. As a publisher of two local newspapers, Wind Ridge understands that the impact its production has on the environment needs to be handled with care, and considering local options should also be a priority in any line of work.

In an effort to align with that message, Wind Ridge has sourced a Burlington printer to print and distribute its 10,000 weekly newspapers. Working together with Burlington Free Press Media and Gannett Publishing Services, Shelburne News and The Citizen are now produced entirely within Vermont’s borders.

This move will reduce the Shelburne-based company’s carbon footprint significantly: Instead of shipping from out-of-state, the newspapers will now travel a mere seven miles from Burlington to the Shelburne post office and area businesses. In addition, both The Citizen and Shelburne News will be printed (as you can tell by the paper you’re now holding in your hands) in a slightly smaller format, saving a little paper each week while delivering the same quality local news that readers have come to expect.

“We’ve considered switching to a local printer for a while,” shared Wind Ridge co-publisher Greg Forber. “After long-distance relationships with various out-of-state printers, it feels great to bring the Shelburne News and The Citizen so close to home. Every week these newspapers cover stories about local art, people, businesses, and events taking place in our own backyards. It suits them to be printed there too.”

In addition, Wind Ridge is making strides in digital media by renovating both The Citizen and Shelburne News websites in an effort to provide the same quality reading experience online that readers find in print. The new webpage for The Citizen is already up and running, and the new Shelburne News site will be introduced in the coming weeks.