Lake Champlain Maritime Festival hosts 30th Annual Antique and Classic Boat Show

The Lake Champlain Maritime Festival will be at Burlington’s Waterfront Park Aug. 6 through 9. The Festival is a four-day celebration of Lake Champlain, showcasing hundreds of exhibits throughout sites on the Burlington Waterfront. As part of the annual Festival activities, the Lake Champlain Antique & Classic Boat Show is held on Saturday, August 8 at the Burlington Boathouse.

It’s the boat show’s 30th annual show at the festival. More than forty-five boats are on exhibit from Vermont, New York and as far away as New Jersey, Connecticut and Maine. Exhibits in most cases are planned by boat manufacture and/or by type of boat. The Lake Champlain Chapter practices skipper judging with judges and skippers voting for their favorite boat in their respective class (Cruiser/Outboard/Utility/Runabout/Sail and more) and during the course of the day boat owners will be available to answer any questions. Attendees have the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice Award with ballots available at the registration tent.

“As a salute to the Lake Champlain Chapter 30th Anniversary, we will be exhibiting Chris Craft Boats as our featured boat this year. Chris Craft is the only wooden boat manufacturer to make the transition to fiberglass and survive in the new era of recreational boating. We are interested in including folks to display their boats at the show out front on the Burlington Boathouse main dock, including boats from the 1930’s to present. There is still time to register and of course, we look forward to seeing thousands of attendees,” said Mike O’Brien, Lake Champlain Maritime Festival Director and Founder and Lake Champlain Antique and Vintage Boat Show Chair.

What really makes The Lake Champlain Maritime Festival special is that it offers something for everyone, said Tara Perkins, Festival Spokesperson and Director of Public Relations. “It is a dynamic celebration for children, families and adults of all ages. The Annual Vintage and Antique Boat Show is a huge draw each year and by far, a favorite event.”

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