Fall brings new changes for Living ECOnomically

Shelburne Farmers Market 2015. File photo
Shelburne Farmers Market 2015. File photo
Fall is here and we have been fortunate to have experienced an unprecedented stretch of Indian summer weather during the past few weeks. It is always welcome, as we are well aware that winter chill will soon arrive. With the change of seasons students are back at school, swimming in the lake is winding down and our farmers market on the Shelburne Green will be wrapping up in mid-October.

The weekly market has offered a wonderful place to visit with friends and community members, listen to music and purchase a wide variety of local food and products. It’s always hard to bid farewell each autumn to this special weekly event that is just one reminder of the unique community we live in.

As with the change of seasons, I have been reflecting on this monthly column, which I have been writing for over 8 years (honestly I have lost track). I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share news of sustainable living through countless examples in our town and state. Our town gets high marks in terms of living green with countless awards in our local schools, businesses and our retirement communities like Wake Robin. So it will not surprise many of you when I share my new focus for this column.

In the next year you will be hearing from students in our local grade schools, high schools and retirement communities. I will be reaching out to connect with these vital groups to ask them to write on various topics that focus on sustainable issues. Hopefully, this will broaden the voice of this monthly column and allow a wider scope of ideas and perspectives. My plan is to continue to contribute on a quarterly basis. I look forward to your ideas, and hope we can continue to make this column one that inspires us all to live more sustainably on this planet. Our future generations are counting on this.