Ho ho ho, to the grocery store we go … and the fabric store … and online for some cute shirts

Handmade wood cutting board in interesting shapes at Lantman’s Market. Photo by Chea Waters Evans
Handmade wood cutting board in interesting shapes at Lantman’s Market. Photo by Chea Waters Evans

Lantman’s Market (Hinesburg)

We’ve all been to Lantman’s Market a million times, but have you ever stopped and looked around for a minute before barreling straight to the Cheeto aisle? Well, I just did, and I found an adorable handmade wood cutting board in the shape of Vermont (they also have an apple-shaped one); throw in a couple marble-handled, Vermont-crafted cheese knives, a block of yummy cheddar and some pate, and you have yourself a great gift. Food and drink presents are in abundance here, like a Bellini mix that goes well with a bottle of sparkling wine, a gift-pack of gourmet wild honey, and more chocolate than you can shake a candy cane at.

The neighborhood market also has lots of goofy, fun little stocking stuffers, like stick-on mustaches, potato guns (sure to serve all your shooting-your-eye-out needs) and Crayola marker/coloring books sets. For your more practical family members, you can get a glass oil lamp for emergencies or ambience, or a heavy-duty snow scraper for the car. They also sell Vermont hoodie sweatshirts, Red Sox camouflage ball caps, sweet little duckie bath scrubbers and bath crayons, and Cheetos. The gift items are for your family; the Cheetos are for you–also for emergencies or ambience. And if you just can’t make up your mind, they’re still making beautiful custom gift baskets that you can order by phone or in the store.

Stitched (Shelburne)

The following people should immediately head to Stitched, Shelburne Village’s newest retail resident: those who like fabric, those who live with people who like fabric, quilters, seasonal shoppers who are browsing for adorable handmade gift items like potholders and quilts made by local fabric artists, those who obsessively buy fabric that they will never use but do it anyway, people who like tote bags, and people who have been banned by their husbands from buying another tote bag EVER but will do it anyway.

The store is full to the brim with colorful and gorgeous fabrics in a rainbow of prints and colors, including popular brands like Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, and Art Gallery.

This useful shop also sells notions, Bernina sewing machines (this is the Big Mama of all sewing machines, and your favorite sewer will love you forever if she finds this under the tree), and has fun classes like duvet cover sewing and pouch embroidering. They’ve been in the village since February, and store manager Ellen Post says they are “really excited to be in Shelburne, and we hope that you come visit us!”

Gravity Rules (Charlotte)

These fun, colorful t-shirts come in youth and adult sizes ($18-$22) and highlight the literal and figurative idea behind “gravity rules.” Featuring their mascot Cliff–who is found skiing, snowboarding, and biking off cliffs—these fun shirts show the fun side of action sports, while reminding us all that as fearless as we may be, gravity is a force that equalizes us all. The company is run with a philosophy of creating awareness of equality and living consciously; made in Charlotte by Debby and Lee Minkler, the shirts can be ordered online at www.gravityrules.com or picked up in town by emailing contact@gravityrules.com.