Sunday to be coldest night of the season

Editor Lynn Monty with her family cutting down a Christmas tree in 45 degree weather in Huntington this December. From left, Lynn Monty, Jamie Monty, Peter Monty and Jacob Monty. Selfie by Lynn Monty

Time to slap on studded tires and finally store away the shorts and sandals for a long winter’s nap. Snow is on its way and reality is about to hit that long pants and boots are a necessity. I am a true Vermonter, but have never embraced the socks and sandals look. And some of you wear shorts all year round, my husband included. With the snow we’re expecting, be warned, your legs will freeze and your feet will get soggy, and you’ll compromise your immune system. My motherly instinct is to keep everyone around me warm and dry, so there you go.

Today, the US National Weather Service Burlington reports some spotty freezing drizzle had resulted in icy spots early this morning, mainly along the international border and across central and northern Vermont east of the Green Mountains. Pavement temperatures across Vermont indicate some icy conditions possible on untreated roadways across northern areas, with temperatures at or below 32 degrees.

Meteorologist Kimberly McMahon said to expect a dusting of snow across the Champlain Valley starting in the afternoon Friday. Snow total through Sunday morning should only be about an inch.

“It will be more of a nuisance snow,” McMahon said. “It will likely be scattered snow showers over the three days that really doesn’t amount to much. Sunday it is possible we will see heavier snow showers, but that’s a little far out to tell what time of day.”

The Northeast Kingdom and higher terrains will get about 2 to 4 inches of snow throughout the long weekend. Isolated areas near Jay Peak may see about six inches of snow, McMahon said.

Temperatures will be in the 30s all weekend with lows in the 20s in the Champlain Valley. Sunday will be the coldest night of the season so far, McMahon said. The lows in the valleys will be in the single digits to around 10 degrees. Higher terrains will be in the negative numbers.