Charlotte Planning and Zoning staffing update

The Charlotte Selectboard kicked off the new year with an ongoing discussion on staffing for the town’s Planning and Zoning Department. Chairman Lane Morrison reviewed a 20-hour, part-time administrative assistant position during the meeting last week. Other town positions open include a 25-hour zoning administrator and 30-hour a week town planner.

Current Zoning Administrator Jeannine McCrumb said she isn’t interested in applying for her current post, but wants to pursue the town planner job. She said former Planning and Zoning Department Administrative Assistant Britney Tenney’s departure from the office sparked town officials to take a look at hours and services dedicated to the department.

Tenney left the office at the end of last month to pursue a legal career. McCrumb said combining the roles of zoning administrator and town planner with some administrative assistant support was daunting. “It’s too much for one person to do,” she said.

Town Administrator Dean Bloch said the administrative position has drawn nine applicants. The board will review and rank the applications for the three positions with a Jan. 19 deadline.

With an eye toward creating an interview committee, the Selectboard asked the chairmen of the Planning Commission, Zoning Board and McCrumb to review an interview questionnaire, adding and tailoring queries for specific employment positions.

The administrative assistant’s proposed duties would likely include support for the Planning and Zoning Office, five hours dedicated to the Selectboard, assist walk-ins in the office and offer assistance at the Planning and Zoning counter. Funding for the position would be drawn from the Planning and Zoning budget.

The board reviewed and approved job descriptions for zoning administrator, sewage control officer/deputy health officer and town planner.