Hinesburg DRB gives the green light to revision

The Hinesburg Development Review Board reviewed and then approved a project that won approval nearly six years ago.

The application for a revision for development on a private right-of-way was presented last week. The project’s main components involve access to two properties, one on 460 Burritt Road, owned by Nancy Ruben, and the other on 464 Burritt Road, belonging to Tracey Maurer. The land is in the Agricultural Zoning District.

Because the project’s approval and a subsequent extension expired about three years ago, Hinesburg Development Review Board Coordinator Annie Geratowski said a new application had to be submitted. Board member Greg Waples moved to okay the application for the change. Following a unanimous vote, the town’s Planning and Zoning staff is expected to draw up a draft document of approval.

Waples said the driving force behind the application was to ensure safety of young children and animals that live on the properties. “We spent a fair amount of time in the last four to five years dealing with this,” Waples said.

To include the right-of-way, a driveway would be removed, re-seeded and then turned into pasture. In the past, the shared driveway led to safety problems including the death of a family pet.

“The new set up seems better,” DRB member Ted Bloomhardt said. “We approved it last time and there doesn’t seem to be anything this time that’s not approvable.”