01-03 to 01-09 Hinesburg Public Safety Log

Hinesburg Community Police

Alarm – On Tuesday January 5th, officers responded to Baldwin Rd. for an alarm with the wrong code given back to the alarm company. Officers checked the residents and found nothing wrong.

Bomb Threat – On Wednesday, January 6th, officers responded to CVU for a reported bomb threat. This written threat was found in a men’s bathroom and gave a specific time and location. The safety committee met and the principal determined that school would be delayed the following day. Nothing was found and the investigation is ongoing.

Drugs – On Friday, January 8th, a vehicle operator was reported to possibly be involved in drug activity. The vehicle was located and an enforcement stop was made. The vehicle did not belong to the operator and based on probable cause, the vehicle was impounded pending the issuing of a search warrant.

Vehicle Break In – On Saturday, January 9th, an officer responded to a restaurant in town for a reported theft from a vehicle. A side window was broken and missing from the vehicle was a black shoulder bag and wallet.