Planning Commission approves projects

By Marvin Fishman, Charlotte correspondent

The Charlotte Planning Commission approved two minor subdivisions at its meeting on March 17. The first application created a four-acre site for a single – family house at the 44.6 acre property at 700 Mount Philo Road. The proposal’s sketch plan was brought by landowner Dan Morris, founding partner of MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health, an architectural firm specializing in hospital design.

The second application was brought on behalf of Marilyn Holmberg, of 794 Stockbridge Road, by Jeff Olesky, an engineer with Wilson Consulting Engineers in Cabot. The project involves subdividing the 16.95 acre lot into two lots. One lot, at 10.63 acres, contains the existing five-bedroom house. The second lot would be 6.32 acres and would be used for a new, three-bedroom residence.

In a final action of the evening, the Commission granted Clark Hinsdale a six-month extension for his Bingham Brook project.