Theresa Giroux Revocable Trust gets go ahead from DRB

The Hinesburg Development Review Board gave the go ahead to the Theresa D. Giroux Revocable Trust project.

The board approved the Giroux Revocable Trust’s final plat application during its regular March 15 meeting. The trust sought approval for a two-lot subdivision of 10.52-acre property. The land is located at 429 and 431 Richmond Road and sits in the Rural Residential One Zoning District.

During the meeting, board members heard that the area known as Lot No. 1 measures 2.05 acre, featuring an existing single-family residence and detached accessory dwelling. The second parcel, known as Lot No. 2, is 8.47 acres at the south end of the property. No development is proposed for the second parcel at this time, according to the Hinesburg Planning and Zoning Department and project engineer Jason Barnard.

Initially, the project was comprised of three lots, but was scaled back to two. The single-family home contains four bedrooms, and there is a driveway that provides access into and out of the site.

Also, Barnard, who presented the application, told the board that an application for a state waste-water permit has been submitted and it’s expected to be issued shortly. A waste-water system isn’t proposed for the second lot, according to Barnard.

Hinesburg Development Review Coordinator Annie Geratowski told development review board members that if any new development was planned for the second lot, it would trigger a new hearing before the panel. At that point, DRB member Dick Jordan asked about property lines. He was told there is a boundary and a new “line in the soil” isn’t being created.