Changes coming to Charlotte Central

There will be some faculty changes at Charlotte Central School this coming fall. Because of budget cuts required because of Act 46 and a decrease in student enrollment, some teachers at CCS will have new roles when the 2016-17 school year starts.

The third and fourth grade Architect loop will decrease by a team member, since the class moving out of this year’s grade four is significantly larger than the incoming fourth grade. Budget meeting attendees will remember Principal Barbara Anne Komons-Montroll’s suggestion that a non-grade-specific classroom role be assigned to a teacher in the coming year, and Mary Muroski will do so as a Standards Based Learning Specialist.

Current third-grade teacher Katie Fraser will move to fifth to teach with Dave Baird, and Kathy Lara will move from the 3/4 Architect team to the 3/4 Navigator team, taking Katie Fraser’s current class and working with Cher Feitelberg.

In a note to parents, Komons-Montroll said the decisions were made thoughtfully and collaboratively, and were based on “what is best for the students and the school as we move forward in providing the best education for all of the children of CCS.”

The school is currently looking to hire, for next year, a .75 general music and choral teacher, a sixth-grade teacher, and a .5 tech integrationist.