Hinesburg DRB supports Wind NRG Partners’ request

Real estate planning and property management specialist Jeffry Glassberg and Wind NRG Associates’ Human Resources Director Anna Grady appeared before the Hinesburg Development Review Board’s April 5 meeting to dot all of their I’s and cross all of their t’s.

“Briefly, why we’re here is because we’re Boy Scouts,” said Glassberg, who is based in Vergennes, and has presented the company’s applications before the Hinesburg Development Review Board (DRB). “We read the permit and we wanted to make sure we’re following the rules.”

Sitting in the Village Northeast Zoning District, Glassberg’s summary of the pending application to board members acted as a road map for the company’s plans. “The existing permit, as we understand it, and as interpreted by staff, clearly allows for up to two businesses to be located in the existing building, and we’re asking for permission to have a third business located in the building.”

The appearance stemmed from the Riggs Road business’s application that sought to amend the conditional-use approval for an existing building. The company was looking for approval so a third business could occupy a portion of the existing structure. The existing and available space is located on the structure’s first floor on the western side of the addition. In a follow-up interview, Grady said the space is vacant and that the company hasn’t made any decision on who might move into the space.

“That’s what we want to make available to compatible businesses that want to be located in Hinesburg,” Glassberg said. “We see this as a good thing, to have more people in town.”

Glassberg said he sent a cover letter, outlining the objectives of the application. He added that the document also noted a reduction in staff that occurred in the last few years.

Following Glassberg’s remarks, board members asked questions about the site’s future plans. Ted Bloomhardt sought information from Grady and Glassberg about the nature of the accessory use. He was told that the company “wasn’t putting anything in front of you (the development review board) today.”

For her part, Grady added that there’s “a list of uses allowed in the (zoning) district.”

The discussion then included the role Hinesburg’s Zoning Administrator Mitchel Cypes’ review of the application for the proposed use of the vacant space.

The board also wondered if the business’s neighbors would be notified about any pending application. Hinesburg Development Review Coordinator Annie Geratowski told board members neighbors would only receive notice when oversight by the DRB was in the offing.

At that point, board member Greg Waples pointed out that decisions made by the zoning administrator can be appealed to the development review board. “In theory, there’s a grievance (process) to us,” he said.

Also, the permit notifying the public about the approval from the town would likely be posted on the nearest street sign on the roadway, according to town officials.

Because there was no public comment, Board Chairman Dennis Place closed the hearing. The board then directed the Planning and Zoning Dept. to draft a document that would green light approval for a third business to occupy a portion of the existing building.