Vermont State Parks starts 2016 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge

It’s time to get out there and get your park on; Vermont State Parks recently announced that the 2016 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge started April 1. The challenge is a statewide outdoor scavenger hunt where participants earn points by completing outdoor activities. Completing the tasks earns Vermonters free entry to Vermont State Parks for this year and all of next.

Participants just visit the website and download a score sheet, choose which activities from each section they would like to do, and take a photo while doing that activity. Once a challenger reaches 250 points, he can send in his score sheet, photos, and any accompanying materials. Anyone who gets 250 points receives a gold VIP pass good for free park entry for 2016 and 2017.

Activities include making your own croquet course using items from around the house for mallets and balls, whittling your own marshmallow stick, or observing and identifying three native Vermont wildflowers.

“This program is one of our favorites”, says Craig Whipple, director of State Parks. “It’s a win for parents because they get ideas of fun things to do with their kids, and it gets the whole family outside. The kids love the challenges, and especially the VIP gold coin, which gives them a rewarding sense of accomplishment.”

Activities must be completed between April 1 and October 15 of this year. Weekly bonus activities will be posted on Vermont State Parks’ Facebook and Twitter.