Hinesburg Development Review Board listens to O’Neil plans

Jason Barnard stepped in front of the Hinesburg Development Review Board last Tuesday to present two, separate applications for the Arlene O’Neil Estate.

Barnard presented the two applications separately and the board is expected to issue a decision on each proposed project. Barnard outlined his plans for the first application on Final Plat Review for a two-lot subdivision of a 58.35-acre property on 588 O’Neil Road. The land is located on the northwest corner of the intersection with Leavensworth Road in the Agricultural Zoning District. Lot 1 will measure 27.39 acres and includes the existing house. Lot 2 is proposed to be 31.08 acres and include a proposed house-site for a four-bedroom, single- family residence.

After completing the first presentation, Barnard then moved into the second application, Preliminary and Final Plat Review for a three-lot subdivision of a 235-acre property located on the west side of Leavensworth and the south side of O’Neil roads in the Agricultural Zoning District.

Lot 3’s dimensions are 6.75 acres and are set to include a proposed house-site for a four-bedroom single- family residence. Lot 4 would be 13.11 acres and include a proposed house-site for a four-bedroom, single- family residence. Lot 5 would be 215 acres and continued to be used for agricultural purposes.

This isn’t the first time he presented proposals for the area. Barnard aired plans before the Development Review Board for a five-lot subdivision nearly one year ago.

After listening to Barnard describe slopes on building envelopes, pending permits for storm- water and water systems, work on obtaining approval from a wetlands’ agency, and effort on drawing up an erosion-control plan, the Hinesburg Development Review Board decided to continue to discuss the merits of the first proposal in deliberative or private session. After completing a verbal description and answering questions from board members and the public on the second proposed scheme, the board moved to continue that portion to May 3.

Once Barnard finished with an overview of the applications, the board asked him an array of questions, including about development potential on two lots that contain wetlands. Barnard noted that building in that section would likely prove to be challenging. The board could craft an approval statement that emphasizes that if any additional housing be added to the site, the plan would have to come back for Development Review Board scrutiny. Also, Barnard did note that discussions with a storm- water engineer made it clear that two of the lots don’t share infrastructure.

The board also discussed with Barnard plans for a turnaround at the end of Leavensworth Road. The applicant said he has spoken with Hinesburg Road Foreman Michael Anthony about the project. Anthony was on vacation during the week of the meeting and wasn’t available for comment.

When reached by The Citizen earlier this week about the proposal, Anthony said he had just received the plans and hadn’t had reviewed them yet. He said that project developers want to install a driveway on the end of a portion of a Class IV road. The roadway would have to be brought up to standards used by the town and also improve the turnaround, Anthony said.

Sitting in the back of the hearing room, Cheryl Kupersmith expressed concern about potential impacts to a well on her property. She said there are no building structures above her property. “I want to make sure that I keep good water,” she said. Kupersmith, who has been a presence at other meetings about the scheme, asked what she could do if her water’s bacterial load changed once building was completed. Responding to her concerns, Development Review Board members assured Kupersmith there is a sufficient distance between her well site and any development that could impact her water system.