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Dave Buckland
Dave Buckland

By Dave Buckland

Hello Charlotte and Hinesburg! I’m very excited to get started with this new column dedicated to all things business. Just like my firm, Buckland Consulting, this monthly column will be focused on all aspects of helping businesses be the best they can be. Whether you are a C-suite executive or just starting your career, my goal is to provide thought-provoking insights and advice that can help grow your business, career and most importantly, expand your mind.
So where do we begin? I’d like this to be a collaboration of ideas and experiences. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics, but most, if not all, will focus on the various challenges businesses and individuals face, and how you can orient yourself, and your resources or teams, to overcome obstacles. If you have specific topics in mind or questions, send them to I will do my best to respond to as many as possible in the months ahead.
There’s no shortage of subjects: management, strategy, visioning, organizational planning, marketing, sales, people drama, capital constraints – the list goes on. To start us off, I want you to consider fully taking control of your day, and know you are doing it. Frankly, most of us think we are behind the wheel, but when you stop and measure the activities of a single day you will discover the reality. From the inbox to the drive-by chats in the office, the social media checks and the seemingly stop-and-drop fires someone else has, it’s not hard for a day to lose personal momentum … if we have no plan.
To start, there’s a quick exercise you can do to get more focused and intentional with each day:
– Pull out a sheet of paper (ruled would be easier)
– Draw a line down the middle to about ¾ of the way down and then a horizontal line. (You should end up with an upside-down T.)
– Draw a minus sign on the top left section and a plus sign on the right.
– In the bottom section below the horizontal line write a quick numbered list 1-3.
Ok. Now in the left column write what you want less of. The right column should include what you want more of, and the list at the bottom should be the top three things you can do to create more of what you want (and therefore less of what you do not want). Simply ask yourself, what can I do to reduce the items on the left and what can I do to boost the items on the right. Those answers are your list at the bottom. Make time for these items today. Try this exercise for a week and I promise you will start taking control of your day if you take the exercise seriously.
That said, you may be wondering by now, who is this guy and does he know what he’s talking about? Should I listen to him? Well, first off, all of my insights, rants and comments are based on my 20+ years of strategic business management. If you want to learn more, my company’s website sums it up best: Essentially I’ve managed large teams and budgets for enterprise sized efforts as well as startups, and everything in between.
I’m fortunate enough to spend my days working with companies ranging from sole proprietor startups to fortune 1000 companies and have found consistencies throughout. While complexity certainly grows as the business grows, the most common challenges are pretty universal, so it’s possible to address a wide audience and add value.
One way or another, we’re all in this together and I look forward to discussing more.
Dave Buckland launched Buckland Consulting in 2008, a consulting firm dedicated to serving as a trusted advisor and subject matter experts to businesses and entrepreneurs, providing a single point of contact and a team with talents and qualifications aligned with the unique needs of each client. He provides strategic planning, support and resources to advance businesses and entrepreneurs towards strategic goals and enduring success. You can reach Dave at