CVU to add space for learning hubs

Champlain Valley Union High School principal Adam Bunting is excited to begin adding sites to the CVU campus to create opportunities for “meaningful internships, apprenticeships, and projects,” explaining that such opportunities leave students “twice as likely to be involved in gratifying work later in life.” It would be quite a challenge to create such chances off-campus for over 1200 students, Bunting said, so instead, the opportunities will come to campus.

Teachers are currently working to create sustainability and maker space hubs, and, says Bunting, “all Core teams are pursuing some type of project-based learning.”

Seniors and ninth-graders are the most active in the programming now, Bunting said. “We hope to be up and running in the new few years.” Once active, these meaningful learning experiences will create such diverse opportunities as research, experimentation, fieldwork, and collaboration with professionals. Bunting added, “These types of learning experiences take time to design thoughtfully.”

Bunting sees these opportunities as a means to prepare students not just for academic work but for life at large. “I think it’s better prep for all experiences. The brain research is so clear about how to make learning stick. It has to be relevant, meaningful and useful.”