Hinesburg Development Review Board approves Martin/Eichen project

During a hearing that lasted just under 10 minutes, the Hinesburg Development Review Board gave the green light to a project presented by Rocky Martin. The unanimous vote came during the board’s regular Oct. 18 meeting at the town’s Municipal offices.

Martin and Cheryl Eichen sought approval from the board for a conditional-use review for an accessory apartment. The couple plans on building a single-story frame building that is separate from their house. The property is located in the town’s Rural Residential Zone.

The accessory apartment would be built on the couple’s 41-acre property on Fern Road, Martin told board members. The new space measures roughly 900 square feet, Martin said.

Board Chairman Dennis Place asked if any board members had questions regarding the proposal. Greg Waples asked Martin about a power source for the project.

Martin told Waples that his house receives power underground and that he expects the accessory apartment would also get electrical power in the same way.

Place then asked if any audience members had questions on the application, but no one came forward.

Place told board members they had a draft approval for the project before them. Alex Weinhagen, director of Planning and Zoning, noted the project met all the standards set out in Hinesburg’s regulations. “With all due respect, this is a slam dunk,” Weinhagen said. “It meets all the requirements.”