News from Charlotte parks & recreation

The Charlotte skating rink is up and running. Courtesy photo

Submitted by Charlotte Parks and Rec

Ice skating weather is upon us and our volunteers have already started to prep the ice! We would like to take the time to thank Bill Fraser-Harris, Ed Sulva, and Dave Schermerhorn who volunteer their time to keep the ice in good condition. The Charlotte skating rink belongs to the entire community. We would like everyone to have quality skating and fun at the rink, so please observe the following rules:

  • Please stay off the ice when the sign is posted (the rink will occasionally be closed for maintenance work or flooding).
  • Please refrain from skating when the rink is covered with snow or when the surface is so soft that it will be damaged.
  • Please shovel off the entire rink before use; please do not leave piles on the ice. Partial shoveling of the surface compromises smooth ice.
  • If you are the last person on the ice, please remove goal posts to the side (they freeze in place if left on the surface). Turn off outdoor lights, as well as the heater in the warming hut.
  • Please take your trash home with you.

To check the status of the ice rink throughout the winter, please visit our Charlotte Vermont Public Ice Rink Facebook page or our recreation website, Please feel free to contact the Charlotte recreation department with any questions.