Lucky to have local humor — Frank Bryan

I just read Bill Schubart’s delightful short piece (in the opinion section, Sept. 7) on a tiger kitten for which he provided such a good home some time ago when our cat had produced a few extra mouths to feed. It is indeed true and in Bill’s capable hands very funny indeed. Seems the kitten he brought home had “relieved himself mightily” on their kitchen floor and Bill muttered under his breath “We oughta name him sphincter.” The name stuck and a year later the vet’s post card arrived to announce: “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Schubert, it is time to bring your Sphincter in for a rabies shot.”

I may not have told the story as well as Bill. But the real point is how lucky we in Vermont are to have so many local outlets for news, opinion, and just plain good stories. The Citizen is one of these and Schubart is one of Vermont’s most eclectic, smart, and interesting writers. A great American politician, Tip O’Neill, has always been closely associated with the phrase “all politics is local.” So too, I would add, is humor. And both are often found in publications like The Citizen.

Frank Bryan

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