Action needed from all sides to break the cycle of shootings— Charlotte Fecteau

I’ve lived in a pretty safe place all my life. Bad things didn’t happen and when I hear about these school shootings, I think why is this still happening? In the Parkland shooting in particular, I believe much more could have been done by the local police, the FBI and the school’s part. All the signs were right in front of them and they did nothing: YouTube, Facebook, and they even received direct death threats from the shooter. The sheriff’s office received a number of reports in 2016 and 2017 about Cruz’s threats to carry out the shooting, some by students.

Our leaders should be taking more action and now are just sending in armed guards into a school, it’s like our government (which is supposed to protect us) is ignoring the issue. Who is this helping? If a student walks up to one of these armed guards, will they take the student seriously?

I think that we should be looking at the bigger picture (not just gun laws) like whether or not these people can afford mental health care and, if not, why aren’t people doing anything about it? In my opinion if I were a student at MSD high school I would have went to the school’s administration and told them to do something about this kid. Whether that means getting the funds to pay for a psychological evaluation, it doesn’t as long as someone is doing something about it.

Which brings me to my last point: what did the students do in the moments before the shooting? I’m sure some of them reported threats but could there have been more done after that? I think if we all got up and looked after each other these shootings wouldn’t happen, the cycle would be broken.

Charlotte Fecteau
Huntington, a junior at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School.

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