A call for change — Ben Wetzell

The vast number of semi-automatic guns are causing nightmares in school and public places. The debate runs on about how to solve the problem but it’s inevitable that guns are the issue. Sandy Hook and Parkland have been terrifying examples of mass shootings in our schools. All of these horrors have involved the use of semi-auto weapons which have all been bought legally. The immense number of guns and their availability gives the power to anyone to ruin a community. When put in the wrong hands, we can see the damage an AR-15 can do.

When walking into school I don’t want to constantly consider the possibility of an armed psycho unleashing a magazine on my friends. It’s unbearable to imagine, but the shootings have almost become common.

After talking with a sobbing teacher he said, “My reaction to the despair is to push more deeply into being present with you guys; to celebrate your lives while we share them out loud together in this building.”

While becoming emotional myself, I realized that community is everything. We need to stand up a create an effort to stop these attacks. The students of Parkland understand and have decided to take matters into their own hands. This is the first step in the right direction and their initiative should act as model for others. The debate over gun control needs to be ended in order to keep our youngest safe and our communities intact.

Ben Wetzell
Charlotte, a sophomore at Champlain Valley Union High School.

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