Young people must remind leaders they will vote soon — Henri de Marne

The young people’s national movement protesting the lack of action regarding needed gun laws is to be applauded.

They are shaming us adults for having been unable to confront the NRA’s money buying our lawmakers who, in turn, do nothing to end the murder of our young generation – our future.

Yet, I haven’t heard any of these young people mention an important fact that may shake up these lawmakers, and I urge them, through social media – at which they are expert – to spread the word: “Don’t forget, we vote now or will when we reach the the age to be able do so.”

Since lawmakers’ primary goal is to be re-elected, they cannot afford to ignore this message.

And to those who disagree on the ground that they do not want gun laws to infringe on their Second Amendment rights, remind them that the Second Amendment reads that: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The NRA and others who lean on the Second Amendment to be able to carry weapons of mass destruction are not part of a well-regulated militia; they are individuals who fear, without reason, that their right to keep weapons for self- defense and for hunting will end and that their guns will be confiscated. That’s plain ignorance and baloney.

True hunters use rifles, not AR-15s with large clips; those are weapons designed to kill people, and they belong in the hands of soldiers trained in their use. And they should know that the best self-defense weapon to keep at home is a shotgun.

As a veteran of WWII trained in the use and care of all types of weapons, I still shudder at walking in a forest in Germany after the armistice was declared and fearing for my life as some of our soldiers, ecstatic that the war was over, were illegally hunting deer with Tommy guns. We were all teenagers with still immature brains.

Today, the well-regulated militia is the might of the armed forces trained to defend our nation, with emphasis on trained.

I have owned rifles all my life until recently, and I never feared that gun laws forbidding the possession of assault weapons and large clips, would endanger my right to keep them.

Henri de Marne

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