Veteran officer supports Major for sheriff

To the Editor:

My name is George Ellwood, a retired deputy sheriff and a third-generation Vermont law enforcement officer.

I received my introduction to police work from my father, the executive director of the Criminal Justice Training Council. He told me the best officers were the people who were your neighbors and members of your community who happened to wear a uniform with a badge. In other words, police needed to be more than in the community, they needed to be of the community.

It is because I believe firmly in this concept that I am writing to ask you to select Michael Major as the Democratic candidate for Chittenden County sheriff.

Mike possesses all the technical training and experience for the position, but more importantly also possess the credentials of community leadership the job requires. He has served for many years as a scout leader, as a local sports coach, as person who has spearheaded numerous civic projects.

He has done all this while serving as a leader in the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Department, as a person helping to set the direction of statewide law enforcement, and as a family man of unrivaled devotion.

The present sheriff and his father have held the office for over half a century. While on the surface this may seem to provide great experience, in reality, it sets a tone of entitlement inconsistent with our system of representative government.

Michael Major is just the blend of experience and innovation that will allow the community to realize the full promise of the Sheriff’s Department.

George H. Ellwood

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  1. Everett Burns   August 11, 2018 at 11:38 am

    In response to Mr. Elwood’s letter of support for Michael Major for Sheriff, I have a few comments of my own. I have been a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of VT for 40 years. I retired from the Burlington Police Department in 2000, and from the State of VT in 2011, where I was a Criminal Investigator for the Department of Motor Vehicles. I also have been a part-time Deputy with the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office since 1978. I appreciate and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have the right to express support, and to vote for whoever they choose.
    I find it unfortunate that Mr. Elwood used the word “retired” Law Enforcement Officer when there are a few other words that would fit the situation much more appropriately. We all know the truth about that. It is not my position to go into detail regarding this or to throw mud at another candidate’s supporter, however, a choice of words are very important. I have known Kevin McLaughlin since 1978 and I can attest that he has never felt entitled regarding anything when it comes to the Sheriff’s Office. When Kevin was first elected, he took over a Office that had no money, few Deputies, old dilapidated equipment, and one vehicle that had a lean on it which was more than the value of the vehicle itself. Kevin grew that Office by leaps and bounds and is now able to provide the service which is required.
    It was mentioned that Mike Major has been involved in community service and this certainly is true. What wasn’t mentioned was the community service that Sheriff McLaughling has participated in, such as decades on the Burlington Fire Commission. Many of those years was as Chairman. It is sad how this campaign has come down to distorted information, half truths. and sign stealing. I will not bore you with specifics on all of Sheriff McLaughlin’s training and accomplishments, but I will say the list is long. If anyone wishes further information pertaining to this, just ask him.
    Everett Burns


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