Sheriff candidate should have anticipated fallout from run

To the Editor:

Sheriff candidate Mike Major’s lament [The Citizen, Aug. 23: “Sheriff candidate Mike Major steps down after primary bid”] that he “must resign,” is obviously a political problem intrinsic to the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office, which is obviously a joke.

Nobody held a gun to Major’s head to force him to run for sheriff and nobody held a gun to Major’s head to force him to resign.

Major knew the obvious potential, internecine battles and consequences of challenging his boss to be sheriff, and the potential inter-office discomforts that would surface.

The fact that Major’s boss, Kevin McLaughlin demoted Major and then just as quickly promoted him, if Major would resign, just uncovers the fact that the sheriff’s office is a circle of preschool crybabies, rivalling Barney Fife. Aunt Bea would have a fit if Andy and Barney behaved this way. The sheriff’s office needs to grow up.

Daniel G. Cohen

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