Future man-made events may contribute to climate change

To the Editor:

In response to “Climate change debatable” published in The Citizen, Dec. 27, the following is an effort to remind our fellow citizens about what has already happened and what our federal government has proposed to do that will substantially increase the production of carbon dioxide.

A convincing number of climate scientists agree that the weather changes we are currently experiencing are attributable to the increasing quantity of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere – hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico; in California, devastating forest fires that completely destroyed the town of Paradise; major flood in Houston, Texas; continuing flooded streets in Miami resulting from rising tides; North Carolina inundated by Hurricane Florence; panhandle of Florida ravaged by  Hurricane Michael.

Will we ignore these significantly disruptive events that occurred in 2017 and 2018? What future events will we be confronting that scientists predict have the potential to increase in frequency and destructiveness? The pumping of massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the air is a threat to our well-being and the source of much of the devastation caused by climate change.

The Trump administration is promoting more fracking in the Western states.

The net outcome will include the flaring of gasses released by this process, thus accelerating the contamination of our atmosphere with more CO2. This administration is also looking to end auto emission standards, which would significantly increase the contamination of our air with even more carbon dioxide.

Karl Novak

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