Feelings, memories shared in wake of David Auclair killing: Stepson, longtime friend say Auclair was well-liked in community

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He is a stepson of Hinesburg shooting victim David Auclair. She is one of Auclair’s longest and closest friends. Both evoked the game of chess to explain their thoughts on the recent arrest of another of Auclair’s stepsons, Kory Lee George.

George, 31, was charged on Sept. 4 with possession of the gun that was used in the July 11 killing of his stepfather.

“Kory’s just a pawn,” TJ George said. “He always gets thrown under the bus.”

Jeana Lavallee, who had known Auclair since high school, said, “Kory’s another piece on the chessboard.”

On July 14, three days after Auclair was found shot in the parking lot of the LaPlatte Headwaters Town Forest on Gilman Road in Hinesburg, TJ George posted on Facebook that he believed his mother had arranged the murder of his stepfather.

Kory Lee George was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of firearms – the stolen 9-mm Beretta that Vermont State Police said was the murder weapon and a stolen 12-gauge shotgun.

Kory Lee George pleaded not guilty in federal court on Sept. 6. He is being held without bail.

“I have very little emotion,” TJ George said in a Sept. 5 phone interview when asked how he felt in the aftermath of his stepfather’s murder and the arrest of his stepbrother. He said that his mother Angela Auclair and David Auclair were married when he was just months old and he has always regarded him as his father. That said, TJ George added that the couple did not plan to stay together.

“My mother and father made a deal that they would be together until everyone graduated and then they’d go their separate ways,” he said.

Overall, TJ George said that his stepfather was very well liked by everyone who knew him.

I’ve never heard anyone in the entire community say a bad word about him,” he said.

A likeable guy

Jeana Lavallee had known Auclair since they were teenagers, and also mentioned how well-liked he was.

“I’ve never met a person who didn’t like David.”

She had known him since the 1980s. Lavallee was a few years older and knew him through his older sister.

“We used to all end up at Skateland in Williston,” Lavallee said.

They kind of lost track of each other as they grew older and she had a baby, she said, but then Lavalee bumped into Auclair in her 20s when they were both working at Burlington Health & Rehab, an assisted living facility.

Lavallee said that Auclair really liked working with the elderly, “and he was very good at it.”

“When David started, he was working 16-hour shifts every day,” said Lavallee.

Her husband and Auclair shared an enthusiasm for motorcycles. Motorcycles were a bond that Auclair also shared with TJ George.

Lavallee said that Auclair was very involved in his stepchildren’s and son’s lives.

“When we’d go to his house, it was always about Dave and his boys,” she said. “He was always remodeling his backyard. There was a pool and then the pool went away. Then there was jungle gym. Then there was a deck.”

Lavallee’s husband Lonnie Lavallee and Auclair got to be such good friends that sometimes Auclair would call and say he was coming over, meet Lonnie working on a project in the garage and leave after several hours without ever seeing her.

“I’d text him, ‘Who’s friend are you?’” she said. “David loved my kids and all of my kids called him ‘Daddy Dave.”

It didn’t bother her husband. She said that Lonnie and Auclair were “very alike.”

She said there were times when appliances like their washing machine broke while Lonnie was out of town and her husband would tell her to see if “Husband No. 2” could fix it.

“David’s death is a huge loss to the world, at least my world,” Jeana Lavallee said. “There was so much more he could have offered the world, and now he can’t.”

Although Auclair and his wife Angela were estranged, they continued to live in the same house in Monkton, albeit in separate areas with minimal contact.

“It’s not a strange situation, if you knew David,” she said. “His kids were everything to him.”

Lavallee said that she and Auclair had drifted apart in the last couple of years but started to reconnect this past winter.

“One of the great things about David is that he didn’t want people in his life to worry about him,” she said.

He would make jokes to avoid talking about his insomnia or problems in his marriage, she said.

“I very, very deeply regret losing touch with him.”

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