Jim Faulkner for Charlotte Selectboard

I am writing in support of Jim Faulkner for a position on the Charlotte Selectboard. My contact with Jim comes from his service with Charlotte Fire & Rescue, as a volunteer EMT and his work on the Corporate Board. Jim joined as an EMT on the Charlotte ambulance when he moved to town, having served… Read More »

Support Faulkner for Charlotte Selectboard

I am writing to encourage you to support my father, Jim Faulkner, for Charlotte’s three-year selectboard position. My father is one of the most family-oriented and supportive parents (and grandparents) that I know. He also has an incredibly strong drive to serve his community. Throughout my life, I have witnessed him dedicating his time to… Read More »

Voting for Aaron Kimball and Keith Roberts

We will be voting for incumbent Aaron Kimball and former school board member Keith Roberts for the Hinesburg Selectboard. While Keith would be a newcomer to the selectboard, both candidates have the experience necessary to balance our large list of needs and wants with our limited financial and staff resources. Aaron and Keith listen to… Read More »