Vermont owned forever

Vermont owned forever

By Jan Demers “I have consistently doubled my income for the last three years. This year my gross is so far past my wildest expectations of what I thought I could do!” Johannes Ziegler, owner of JZ Carpentry LLC, began working with CVOEO’s Micro Business Program in 2011. He had a dream of owning his… Read More »

Crisis, emergency repair and long term fix

By Jan Demers It was Friday night and he had no heat. His furnace was broken beyond repair. He was elderly, living alone and without any means to pay for a new furnace. CVOEO’s Crisis Fuel Program and then the Weatherization Emergency Heating program were called. Jeremy Francis, a CVOEO auditor, met him at his… Read More »

You still have to pay the tax

Jan Demers, CVOEO, Executive Director Paying taxes can be frightening and confusing if you are elderly, a new American or have low income. The truth is paying taxes can be an anxiety producing experience for anyone, me included. What if I make an error in calculations? What if I pay too much? What if I… Read More »