Keeping an eye on IT

Keeping an eye on IT

Legislation dealing with money, whether it is raising it or spending it, is often contentious and always a challenge. When the state raises money through taxes and fees, we as taxpayers want to see that it is well spent. It should be used to promote the common good, be used efficiently, and accomplish the purpose… Read More »

New beginnings

New beginnings

By Rep. Mike Yantachka 1/11/2017 As I drove to Montpelier last week, I felt excited by the prospect of the changes that would be taking place in Vermont’s government, changes that would offer new challenges as well as new opportunities. The 2016 election produced a sweeping change of leadership in Montpelier, from the governor and… Read More »

Towns get more say in energy siting

by Rep. Mike Yantachka 2015 saw an increase in solar arrays springing up across the Vermont countryside. This was occurring as developers and landowners became more active in seeking opportunities to take advantage of Vermont’s incentives for net metering of renewable energy. These incentives promote Vermont’s goal of obtaining 90% of its energy needs from… Read More »

Crisis, emergency repair and long term fix

By Jan Demers It was Friday night and he had no heat. His furnace was broken beyond repair. He was elderly, living alone and without any means to pay for a new furnace. CVOEO’s Crisis Fuel Program and then the Weatherization Emergency Heating program were called. Jeremy Francis, a CVOEO auditor, met him at his… Read More »

Education Funding and Property Taxes

by Rep. Mike Yantachka A little over a month ago at Town Meeting we voted for our town budget, our local CCS school budget and our CVU budget. Together these budgets will determine the amount of spending that our property taxes will be based on. By far, the largest portion of those taxes will go… Read More »

Managing our forests

By Rep. Mike Yantachka Vermont’s forests are vital for humans and the ecosystem. They protect water, soil and air quality and provide rural jobs and a multitude of useful forest products, as well as flood protection. When European settlers first came to Vermont, the land was almost completely forested. Settlement led to clearing 80% of… Read More »

Divestment, Voting and Protection

Rep. Mike Yantachka As I write this the weekend before Town Meeting, I’m looking forward to one of the great New England traditions where voters can get together in an exercise of direct democracy to make decisions affecting their local government. It gives me a chance to talk to constituents and find out what’s on… Read More »

You still have to pay the tax

Jan Demers, CVOEO, Executive Director Paying taxes can be frightening and confusing if you are elderly, a new American or have low income. The truth is paying taxes can be an anxiety producing experience for anyone, me included. What if I make an error in calculations? What if I pay too much? What if I… Read More »