Kudos for CVU

Kudos to CVU, Candy Padula and the students involved in “The Laramie Project.” I commend you on your courage for putting this marginalized community front and center. I also congratulate you for the amazing skill and talent that was displayed in performing such an intense and emotionally jarring production. CVU has taken a big step… Read More »

Thank you, Hinesburg

I am deeply humbled and honored to have been elected to the Hinesburg Selectboard. I can assure all Hinesburg residents I will be fair, open-minded, and attentive to all voices on issues that face us. I met many people during this campaign and regardless of whether supporting me or Keith, the one takeaway everyone agreed… Read More »

Raising the Black Lives Matter flag

We propose that the Black Lives Matter flag will be raised at Champlain Valley Union High School in honor of Black History Month. We affirm that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful and empowering grassroots movement, advocating for racial justice and collective liberation. By raising the flag, we hope to make CVU a more inclusive… Read More »

Tenney deserves another selectboard term

I have worked with Frank as a member of the zoning board for three years and I have followed his first term as a Charlotte Selectman. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the town and its regulations. This is priceless when developing and implementing policies that shape the town. He works well with everyone in… Read More »

Faulkner for select board

My name is Ted Kohn. I am reaching out to you, my neighbors, in support of Jim Faulkner. I ask that you please consider him for a position on the Charlotte Select Board. I’m a Charlotte resident and have known Jim and his family for 12 or so years now. The way politics are these… Read More »

Support for Jeff French

Please join me in voting for Jeff French for select board. I’ve gotten to know Jeff through our work together on the planning commission. In our meetings, Jeff always has a well thought out, unique idea to contribute. Jeff is approachable and a good listener. He brings a “here’s my idea, what’s your idea, lets… Read More »

Jim Faulkner for Charlotte Selectboard

I am writing in support of Jim Faulkner for a position on the Charlotte Selectboard. My contact with Jim comes from his service with Charlotte Fire & Rescue, as a volunteer EMT and his work on the Corporate Board. Jim joined as an EMT on the Charlotte ambulance when he moved to town, having served… Read More »

Support Faulkner for Charlotte Selectboard

I am writing to encourage you to support my father, Jim Faulkner, for Charlotte’s three-year selectboard position. My father is one of the most family-oriented and supportive parents (and grandparents) that I know. He also has an incredibly strong drive to serve his community. Throughout my life, I have witnessed him dedicating his time to… Read More »

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