Feedback on The Citizen articles — Roger Donegan

Thanks for two informative articles in The Citizen, “Lake Iroquois Milfoil Cleanup Planned” (03-23-2017) and “Amphibians Emerge from Their Winter Homes for Spring Migrations” (03-30-2017). The latter featured a photo of a bright red Eastern Newt on the cover page. The former provided a limited introduction to the Lake Iroquois Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) treatment plan,… Read More »

Communities need high-quality childcare — Jenn Baudreau

When communities invest in high-quality, affordable childcare, everyone benefits. Children benefit because they receive the nurturing and care that’s so vitally important for their brain development and growth. Parents benefit because they’re able to continue investing in their careers and providing financial support for their families. Childcare workers benefit because they’re paid a living wage.… Read More »

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